Beroun´s fotorici 

Beroun´s Fotorici - a free association of photographers from Beroun and the surrounding area that arose in 2001 under the guidance of Jirka Semrad, photographer. Jiri Semrad and Jan Sroubek may be considered as the first members, followed by Vit Vojtisek and Vladimir Kasl. These people exhibited together for the first time at the Gallery "U Radnice" in Beroun in June, 2002. Later other enthusiasts joined. At present Fotorici is managed by the following people:

Beroun´s Fotorici had their first united exhibition in the municipal gallery, at "Holandsky dum", in Beroun in March 2004. This spring exhibition became a tradition and therefore every year at this time Beroun´s Fotorici present their photographs. Despite the fact that they are people of different professions, hobbies and photographic orientation, photography interest is a sufficient connecting element. Beside this yearly exhibition everyone from the photographer club focuses on their individual projects and so works of art of Beroun´s Fotorici have been exhibited from Paris, Goslar in Germany, from Prague to Lodenice, Zelkovice and Truskavna. Apart from this Lucie Sucha paints and exhibits beautiful naive paintings.