20.11.2018 Invitation to the exhibition

On Saturday 1 December, at 10 am, the opening of my exhibition South East of Australia and New Zealand will be on the ground floor of the Křivoklátsko PLA Administration in Zbečno 5. If you have the interest and time, come and see. Pavlína Jíšová will sing at the opening. The exhibition will last until the end of February 2019.

18.11.2018 Pole dance

On Thursday, I was photographed with Markéta Chaloupková pole dance at the Liten castle. It was quite an experience. Respect! Some photos can be found in the Pole dance gallery.

16.03.2018 Southeast Australia and New Zealand

From early February to mid-March I was in Southeast Australia and New Zealand. I took some photos there that you can find in the galleries of Southeast Australia and New Zealand.

28.11.2017 Athens 2017

In mid-November, I was on my way to Lesbos, stopping for a weekend in Athens and making some photos on my cellphone. They are in the Athens 2017 gallery

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