Publications in books

Year Title
2012 A Small Flock of Rare Birds
2011 19th International Bagpipe Festival Strakonice (with others authors)
2010 Uzbek Fiction (with other authors)
2009 Jaroslav Krizenecky: Pavel Bobek - Half of the century on the stage
2009 Time-honoured country Arcach (wiht other authors)
2008 Homo Berounensis
2007 Alexander and Ludvik Baran: Pictures as a dialog with the time
2005 “Obrazy a pribehy” (with J. Semrad)
2004 World in lens (Czech Photo Annual PHOTO life)
2004 Third coalition war 1805
2003 World of people and faces (Czech Photo Annual PHOTO life)
2002 World around us (Czech Photo Annual PHOTO life)
2002 “Znam te malo”
2001 Animal world (Czech Photo Annual PHOTO life)